Can You See my Attitude?

Can you see my attitude?? Yes I have one this afternoon!! I think I need to crawl back into bed and roll out on the other side!!! Anyone else ever feel this way??? So these are the “deets”(it’s a hip way to say details, for those who are like me and didn’t know LOL) so I have been called by God to share some of my parenting struggles, hacks, thoughts and stories. God has actually been calling me for a while to do so but I have been fighting it! Why?!? Because every time

A New Heart

Inside of every broken event in our life is a choice. A choice to harden or a choice of surrender. How do you navigate disappointment, tragedy, loss? When we lost Wade that night in January, the kids and I were devastated. I will never forget the moment the police officer told me he was gone. It was like a lightning bolt went through me. Standing in the parking lot of a church, red and blue lights flashing, the cold air beating against my face and my whole world shatter

Sadness is Sneaky.

Sadness always seems to catch me off guard. Tonight, I dropped by the grocery store on the way home after co-teaching a group with my friend, Pastor @stephkels at Gateway Church SLK. I was just passing through an aisle when I saw it!! Anniversary Cards. 💔. Wade would always get me the sweetest cards. They were always well thought through with lots of underlines and a personal note. He would have it sitting out waiting on me to notice it and it was always signed, “All I’ve