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A New Heart

Inside of every broken event in our life is a choice. A choice to harden or a choice of surrender. How do you navigate disappointment, tragedy, loss? When we lost Wade that night in January, the kids and I were devastated. I will never forget the moment the police officer told me he was gone. It was like a lightning bolt went through me. Standing in the parking lot of a church, red and blue lights flashing, the cold air beating against my face and my whole world shattering in front of my eyes. My knees gave way, my friends had to catch me. It was all involuntary as I let out a cry I can’t describe. It came from a place I had never accessed before. When the psalmist says my heart and flesh cry out...I understand. There was a natural response to numb my heart. It hurt so bad. There really are no words to describe it. As the days went on there were temptations to be angry, seek justice, believe lies, slip into hopelessness, to abandon our faith, to reject Gods love, to pick up other comforters other that Jesus. Who would blame us? But we could not. We knew the only one who could take a shattered heart and put it back together was Jesus and the only way for Him to do that was in our surrender. When we try to fix our own hearts, it hardens! When we allow the world to have it, it will harden. When we allow Satan to have our heart through bitterness, unforgiveness, jealousy, anger, he will creep into it until it darkens and hardens all the more. You see a heart left to heal on its own will harden every time but if you will surrender you broken heart to the Savior, He will heal it. If you have already hardened your heart, please read the verse in this post...He can and will still heal it...but you must surrender it. Choose to surrender. #blogger #blog #vlogger #francineivey #consumedbythecall #followerofchrist #discipleship

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