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Sadness is Sneaky.

Sadness always seems to catch me off guard. Tonight, I dropped by the grocery store on the way home after co-teaching a group with my friend, Pastor @stephkels at Gateway Church SLK. I was just passing through an aisle when I saw it!! Anniversary Cards. 💔. Wade would always get me the sweetest cards. They were always well thought through with lots of underlines and a personal note. He would have it sitting out waiting on me to notice it and it was always signed, “All I’ve Got Forever! - Wade.

Tonight as I passed by the aisle, the thought hit me..I will never get another one from him and I will never give other one to him. I cried.😢

I remember the night we got married...we couldn’t believe we were really married. We were headed to Houston and I told him that night that couldn’t wait to celebrate our 1st anniversary together. I told him, I couldn’t believe I was really Mrs Ivey and we would have an Anniversary to celebrate!!

We actually had 27 anniversary’s and they were amazing!! So even though I had tears streaming down my face, I just had to smile because this one thing I know...I experienced “true love”! I knew what it was like to be loved and cherished. We truly “celebrated” all of our anniversaries and though I ache to have more of them, I am glad for what I did get.

Now I must trust Jesus to meet the needs of my heart, fill in the gaps and heal my broken family. I am assured, He will protect our family and provide the all we need. Jesus is so patient to meet me where I am, in tears on Aisle 15 staring at the cards, wishing I was picking one out. #thankyoujesus #blog #consumedbythecall #wadeivey #francineivey

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