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One Nation Under God :: My Ponderings this Memorial Weekend

May 27, 2017

5.27.17 Memorial Weekend. I didn't expect to have such emotions at this holiday although I suspect some of these emotions are in anticipation of Fathers Day and Wades birthday (June 25th) that are both coming next month!  I can see it already effecting my children.  Every first holiday without him is hard.  He was always the life of the party,  he always made me laugh and he always kept us reminded of what was really important in life!  I love him so much and my heart sure aches to just have one of our long coffee talks again. 


This morning as I lay here with thoughts of the United States of America and all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for all she stands for I was  prompted by the Lord to recite the pledge of allegiance.   


"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." 


Most of my childhood, We recited that every morning in school . That was before "one nation under God" became so controversial. But as I recited the pledge I  was reminded that "ONE NATION UNDER GOD" is vital to this nation being great again.  Think about it for a moment... if we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD than the reverse is also true ... if we ever cease to be  "under God" we will cease to be "one nation".  You see, TRUE UNITY doesn't come from Governemnt, Justice, being good or just wanting it bad enough. True unity will only come from God.  We have all seen it...the more we remove God -  the more divided we become. 


What does that mean?  We have a job to do!!  Our nation needs real, authentic, powerful, and life-changing revival to sweep across her.  It's time!  No picket signs and no more speeches!!  We need to pray for REVIVAL!! Not just one church or one location but the whole church not just "going to revival" but truly being revived!!  Jesus is still the answer to everything even if it is not politically correct.  Pray with me for God to send a true, nation sweeping, life-changing,and authentic revival to every believer. Believe with me then ask God what your part is and let's do it.  - Francine


 #vision2020 #untilthewholeworldhears #consumedbythecall 





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