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How it all began...

May 29, 2017

Thursday, January 19, 2017...11 days after the accident that took the life of my sweet husband, Wade Ivey and only 5 days after his funeral service, God woke me up and told me not to waste the platform that was given to me.  He said, "Everyone was listening and wondering what I would do next."  My husband was a man after God's own heart.  He was bigger than life and he loved Jesus and people with all he had!  Everyone that knew us knew that we were inseparable!  We ran a successful business...together, we ministered...together, led worship...together and raised 3 beautiful children...together.  I am sure there were so many who wondered what I would do now!  God said, "You have their ear. It's time to step up, baby girl!  I got you!"  


That morning I got up at 5am not knowing what God wanted me to say. All I could do was get ready and pray and cry.  Oh how I missed him!!!  Every time I stepped into the closet we shared all I could do was fall into his clothes and cry, praying the smell of cologne would not fade.  I stepped in Wade's studio.  The one we had just created for him to do his daily devotions on facebook LIVE!  He would do a devotion each weekday morning at 7:30am.  He loved it!!  Now here I was standing in his shoes, behind his keyboard, clipping on his mic.  I remember thinking "there is no way God.  I don't have his degrees, I am not a preacher...I am a helpmeet!  I am a wife...what are you asking?"  God sweetly whispered...tell your story...they want to will bring Me glory...I love are not alone...I have you!


So I began...tears, raw honesty and just pomp...nothing fancy...just me...LIVE on FACEBOOK!


There were over 34,000 views in just few days!  Stories of lives touched and changed!!  How could this be?!?


I realized there are so many hurting people looking for answers...looking for Jesus...looking for a healing only Jesus can give. So many people wanting to know...Why do bad things happen to good people and what do you do when God says...NO!  People that, through my pain, would walk my healing journey with me and find healing for themselves.  I was blown away!  


Each morning God keeps waking me up...NO alarm...NO plan...just me and Him!  I am unsure how long this will last but I am so thankful He would find me fit enough to serve Him in ministry and that through this process He is healing my heart!


I want to thank so many of you who are faithful viewers of our Daily Devos.  You have no idea how scary it still is for me but it is your encouragement and faithfulness that has kept me strong!  


Below I have attached the link of the original LIVE video for those who have never seen it!  This is where it all began.  I hope it ministers to you. 


Love to all...



Facebook LINK to the Original Video


YouTube LINK to the Original Video







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