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One hug...and I would smell like him all day!!

October 29, 2017


Wade loved his cologne and he loved to smell good!! If you ever hugged him you knew it, too!! He even kept a bottle in the car for reapplication!!   I can see him putting it on even now!! One of the things I loved the most was...after a BIG hug I would smell like him - all day!! You could tell, I had spent time with him!  


It should be the same with Jesus!! When we spend time with Him - really spend time with Him - in real will smell like Him.  A sweet fragrance of worship should surround us. We have been in the presence of royalty and not just any royalty, the King of Kings!!  We shouldn’t look the same and it should be evident to the world!  Just like when someone falls in love...there is no doubt and everyone who is around them knows it!! 


Today, as you worship with your church family, make sure you get close enough to JESUS to smell like Him even after you leave church!  The world WILL take notice and who knows... you might just change someone life this afternoon!! 


#belikeJesus #sweetfragranceofourSavior #worshipshouldchangeus #theworldshouldnotice

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