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Family traditions can be so hard.

November 19, 2017


It’s Peytons and Gracens birthday!!  Yes they share the same birthday...but 5 years apart.  Peyton will be 17 and Gracen will be 12!!  How can this be!!  They are growing up so fast! 


I had to run to the store to get this two items pictured above!! Krispy Kreme Donuts and Birthday candles.  Wade and I started this tradition over 20 years ago on Reagan’s first birthday!  


Birthday mornings were fun!  Wade and I would prepare the surprise before the kids would wake up.  Wade would grab his phone record the whole thing!! I would line the candles around the donut and quickly light them.   We would walk across the house to their rooms and  begin singing 🎶 Happy Birthday to You 🎶!  They loved it!! We loved it!   I can still remember last year. He was with me. By my side  We had our routine.  We knew how to get it all done...... but tomorrow. 


I am praying that tomorrow, God’s strength will be with me and it will  truly be  “happy” birthdays. I am choosing to thank God for Family traditions!! They help us remember how much Wade loved us.  I choose to celebrate my babies because that is what their daddy would have wanted.  Although tears stream down my face tonight - tomorrow we will sing happy birthday with a smile because they are worth it and that best represents who their daddy was. 🎂🎁🎈

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