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Passion and Pursuit

August 7, 2018

I was at an event this weekend with some very special friends that I guess I actually would It would be really hard to explain the event. As I’ve pondered this blog post, I’ve tried to put into words what this event is and I can’t. For someone who their whole life has had no problem talking, this is a big dilemma! Although I can’t describe exactly what the event was I can say this, it was a group of ministers, with special talents and gifting‘s and anointing’s from God. All of us were on a pursuit for God. All of us came with a need in our heart. All of us came with a passion to see the will of God! There was no agenda, no one preached, we fellowshipped, we ate, we worshipped, we prayed and we tapped into God’s heart. Honestly, it was the closest thing I have ever experienced to seeing heaven on Earth. As I sat there each day taking in what God was doing what impressed me the most and left me speechless was the passion I saw in the hearts of these individuals and the relentless pursuit they had for God.
I sat there one afternoon thinking of those two words, PASSION & PURSUIT. I begin to ask God, what made these words so important. What if the church of the living God lived right there, passionate and in pursuit of his heart? .
Although these words are used quite often in our culture today I don’t think we fully understand the strength of these words. There is a lot of emotion in these words. Maybe even frustration. (If that makes sence) .
PASSION. The opposite of passion is complacency. As each of us deals with regret, hurt, and disappointment we could choose to be numb. I think the #1thing that kills the dreams and callings of most people is unmet expectations! You see I think every child dreams! But as we grow up, we find ourselves bouncing from one heartache to another. Many of us choose to quit feeling, to become numb in order to protect our hearts. And then complacency kicks in. A sense of “it will be okay”. But I believe God called us to be passionate with a calling on our lives, and a cause in our heart! We were created for this. Let’s choose to be Passionate in our pursuit to find God heart! #nomorenumb



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