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A Sad Day

August 23, 2018


BLOG POST: 💔Sad days are hard. They don’t come conveniently. They don’t seem to come for a reason. If I could just figure out what triggers them than I could control them, but I can’t! The lady at the post office noticed. .
These days just come and they overwhelm me. I look’s a pretty and sunny. My kids are happy and everything seems to be going well but that is when it hits me...Wade is not here!! Who do I share my dreams with? Who do I share my happiness with? Who do I chatter to until I drive them crazy?!? Who will share my excitement? Who will tell me I am pretty today? Who will tell me how smart I am and how good I am doing with the kids. Everyone tries but it’s not his voice and his reassurance. And then the tears come and the eyeliner runs! It’s messy and it doesn’t make sense!! .
Why God is it tears that show our sadness? Water pouring from our eyes? We cry when we are sad and we cry when we are exuberantly happy. Do you see it?!? Our tears are an out-pouring of our heart!! .
So I would beg to offer that if our heart pours out through our eyes THEN our eyes must have access to our heart!! Just like a straw you can drink the drink one way and blow bubbles into that drink by blowing air the other way through the same straw!! .
Let the magnitude of that thought hit you!! If this true, we should be very cautious what we allow our eyes to watch or take in. It will affect our hearts. Matthew 6:22-24 gives us that warning. .
Proverbs 4:23 tells us... Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. So we are to protect our heart because it effects our life and everything we do. . 
So today, as I weep my loss, I realize God is still there. Teaching, developing, showing me His truth. He is such an incredible comforter. .

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