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Our Feeling are Real but they are NOT Reliable!

August 29, 2018

BLOG POST: “Our feelings are real...but they are not reliable!”
Oh my this is a truth I live by!! It has helped me conquer so many things in my life. I have learned...Just like in the Movie, The Matrix, nothing is as it seems. The Bible tells us that our heart is deceitfully wicked. ———-
The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? Jer.17:9
Did you see it?! It uses the word deceitful. It means that our heart will LIE to us. The culture of today will tell you to “follow your heart” and that is the worst thing you can do. We as Christians are called to follow Jesus! .

We are giving way to much power to our feelings! . 
My sweet friend, @pamwood1964 has lost her sense of smell and because of this she has to be careful with gas appliances and cooking things. It could be dangerous if she tried to lean on her sense of smell. Right?!? .
Or when a dentist numbs our mouth we have to be careful not to bite our tongue. Why?! Because we can not trust that we will feel it. that we know our heart is defective than we have to take that into account when we feel like doing something or not doing something and choose to lean on God to tell us what to do. .
The moment I truly realized my feeling were real BUT NOT reliable it gave me the urgency to stay close to God and trust Him on my journey. I learned not to give in or respond to what I felt..I learned to tell my feeling to hush and to stand on what I knew to be true. I found victory! I found life! I found vision! I FOUND FREEDOM!!! #cbc#theconsumedlife



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