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When Life Squeezes You

May 4, 2019



BLOG: Sometimes when life squeezes me, I don’t like what comes out!! Anger, fear, selfishness!!! Ugh!! Many times I think to myself...”I thought I had finally conquered that!!!” This is hard and we are tempted to blame our behavior on the behavior of others but really we can’t do that. So this is what I do. 
1. GET REAL : I mean God knows right?!? I might as well tell Him all about how I feel!
2. Realize this isn’t who I am!! NO SHAME! It’s important we understand a mistake or bad attitude is what we have and have done but it is not who we are. Don’t own it! 
3. Repent. There is supernatural power in repentance. Life changing power! Access it. 
Sometimes we hate being squeezed but if life didn’t squeeze us every now and then...just like a sponge we could hide all the junk inside but we would get pretty stinky and unusable. Maybe that’s what God is doing. Helping us clean out the mess to prepare us for something greater!! Maybe I should quit squirming so

much. #francineivey#consumedbythecall #jesuschrist#quotes #followerofchrist #vlogger

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