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The way we speak to our children...

May 11, 2019


BLOG post: SPEAK LIFE! This is so important as parents. In the “too busy” culture of today we can slip into the habit of ONLY correcting our children’s bad behavior and though I do believe in loving discipline, I also believe in blessing a child with words of affirmation and vision. Our kids need our blessing — it is biblical. A blessing consists of a meaningful touch, spoken word, attaching High value, a special future and an active commitment to that future. I believe in seeing our kids through God’s eyes and speaking the truth of who they were created to be not just how they are behaving at the time. Do they always hit the mark? No. Neither do you and I. But they are more likely to reach that goal if they have someone believing in them and cheering them on. Speak life even when you don’t see it yet. There is power in your words and they are heard much longer than the moment you spoke them. 
Life and Death are in the power of the tongue. Proverbs 18:21

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