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Don't Settle!

May 23, 2019


BLOG POST: Fast food, microwaves, instant noodles, and express lanes! We are all in a hurry!! We want it all... and we want it now!! But don’t you think that some of the best things in life take time! A diamond takes thousands of years to form and takes great effort to find! Some of the best recipes cook all day long! They take planning! The real flavor comes from the long cooking process. Stress is a lack of trust, Stress, anxiousness and impatience are direct result of a self indulgent culture that has to be told by their Apple Watch to breath. (Yes, mine tells me to do it all the time!) We wAnt it all and we want it NOW and we will sacrifice quality and safety to get it. This is a problem because God won’t. He does everything in it’s time. Jesus would not be rushed. My sweet friends, what are you waiting for that has you worried that God is not coming through for you? Please be patient and don’t settle just to settle it. Wait for God’s best. It’s so worth it!

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