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A peak into grief.

June 4, 2019



A Peak Into Grief:
It’s been 28 months since we lost Wade. A little over 2 years. Gracen was 11. He is now 13 and his grieving is just starting!! 😢💔
This is the age where boys need their father! This is the age where boys start to confide in their dad’s. He just started shaving!! 😭 He just went to the men’s conference at Gateway Church and came back with so much revelation from God. Oh how I wish his father would have been here to unpack it all with him. .
Grief is messy. ( Have I said that before?) This morning Gracen woke up in tears. He had a dream about his dad. In the dream he was having to make the decision to raise his own child or to stay with his dad! I cried. He cried. It hurt. Dreams can be so aweful and Satan is so mean. I just wanted to scream but I prayed instead and rebuked the devil and sent him back to Hell were he belongs!! Gracen will have to navigate manhood with a single mom and that is so painful to me. I really don’t know where to put that pain. His dad would be so proud of him and his dad was so Godly, Strong and incredibly Wise. He would have had so much to sow into him but I also know that God is not slack in what He does and Gracen will have no less than God himself sowing into him. He will be the powerhouse that God created him to be and his heart will heal in time. As his mom, I will pray him through it. I will hold him when He cries and I will challenge him to be all that God created him to be. .
Father God, I believe in Your faithfulness to the widow and the orphan. I believe, God, you are enough. You are our provision, our strength, and our comfort! We love you. Amen. .
(Thank you to @gatewaypeople for the Men’s Summit, thank you Pastor @psrobertmorris for your strong manly leadership, thank you @jeremyfosterfor being one of his favorite preachers)


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