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Struggling?!?  Start Declaring this!!

August 28, 2019



Anybody else struggling? Just being real...there are some mornings that I feel alone and afraid. I wonder if my prayers are heard and I wonder if I will ever again not fear tomorrow. What do you do when this happens? ➡️You go to the Word of God!⬅️

You find Gods promises and provision and you declare it! I do it loud and proud. I want heaven to hear me and I want Hell to shake at the truth being spoken!! Satan hides in the shadows and whispers what you fear but when you open the Word of God you shine a light on the devils deceptions and he shrinks back.

Here are ten declarations to start your morning! Speak them over yourself and than my dear mommas (no matter how old your babies are) speak these over your kids!! Do it over them before school if you can, but even if they are not present you can still do it. Speak there name and proclaim these truths over them with the authority that God gave you as their mom.
JOSHUA 1:8 says...
Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.
Do you see it? 1. It says Day and can’t Declare it once to see the break through. Make a habit of declaring the word over you and your family.
2. “Being careful to do everything written in it” Truth must be walked out. It must be owned. If you are a Daughter/Son and an Heir to the Kingdom of God...are you fearful? NO. Do you cower. NO. Do you carry grudges, unforgiveness. NO. Do you have outbursts of anger. NO. Walk in grace and confidence as you go through your day. Than God can use you to touch lives. Just watch and see.
3. The promise!! Did you see it?!? “ Then you will be prosperous and successful” WHAT?!? Yes. When we meditate consistently and habitually on the word of God, then believe and obey it by declaring and walking in it - we will be prosperous and successful!

I need this!! Pray this helps you as much as it did me. Catch today’s Devo to get a little deeper into this!  
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