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Remember Me

September 11, 2019





These are pictures I will never forget. The strength of a president, the devastation of sin and hate, The sacrifices of heroes, and the resilience of America!

As I sit here weeping preparing my heart for tomorrow, I reflect on that morning as I sat in front of the TV watching this horrible day unfold. I knew, even then, our lives would never be the same!

I remember hearing everyone saying that we would remember. We would remember the lives that were lost that day, we would remember the devastation when hate is left to burn, we would remember what America was made out of, BUT remembrance is an action not an emotion.

Remembrance is something we must exercise! So today, I choose to remember.
- I remember for the families that still feel the loss every day!
- I remember for the firefighters and police officers who still deal with the trauma of that day.
- I remember my tears.

I remember because I know that if I don’t ... I will lose all that I learned. I learned life is short. I learned that hate is mean! I learned that we humans are fragile. I’ve learned that no matter how messed up America is the foundation of who she is - is powerful!

Jesus also calls us to remember. He instituted communion and asked His disciples to do this remembrance. Each time I take communion. I stop and breathe and take in the sacrifice that my Savior made for me. It was no light sacrifice! He chose it to give me eternal life! He bled, suffered, and died for me. And with the shedding of his blood and the resurrection on the 3rd day...He gave me a new and eternal life. So the Lord’s supper or communion will never be just a line in the bulletin or a ritual that we do at church, I pray it always takes my breath away!

There is no freedom without sacrifice! So I challenge you...Go against the grain of this culture and thank a police officer for lay down his life every day for us. Take cookies or lunch to the nearest fire house and let them know that you recognize their sacrifice! And take moment, bow your head and get on your knees and thank Jesus once again for the sacrifice He has made for you!


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