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The Honor Code Bible Study

Welcome to this awesome Bible Study!  I am so excited that you have decided to join us on this 12 week journey, the effects of which will last for a lifetime! Thousands of years ago, Satan set out to steal the position God gave mankind.  We were created to have dominion over this world.  Created to live and abide in an intimate relationship with our God and Creator.  Created to be able to walk with Him and talk with Him.  Satan was so jealous, he deceived Adam and Eve into giving up their birthright and inheritance for a fake, shallow and temporary existence; BUT Jesus redeemed all that through the cross!  We must now claim it back!  These 12 keys can be taken back to unlock the life that was intended for us so long ago — an eternal, full, empowered life!  A life on fire, where blessings of God will overtake you, living in true success, fierce and ready to seize each day.  Not only will you live differently but your life will also become a catalyst for life-change in those around you.  If you are ready, turn the page and let’s get started!


TIPS to get everything this study provides:

  1. Start with Prayer!  You can read all you want but without the Holy Spirit bringing revelation, all you will gain is knowledge and not the life-change you are desiring.  Don’t just listen to the words, listen for the voice of God.

  2. Don’t skip steps! It’s important to read the scriptures, to write them and to take time write them in your own words.  Each step is important in order to truly hear the voice of God and allow the Holy Spirit to do the work in your life that He desires.

  3. Get a group!  This is optional…but group discussion would be so powerful and I believe God would be glorified in it!  Even if you have never led a Bible Study, this one will be so easy.  Gather, Eat, Discuss, Watch the Video, Share, and Pray.  It’s that easy.  You can do it!


Please know that our team is praying for you.  We would love to hear from you.  Message or email us and share what God does during your journey.       


We love you!  Happy Trails!