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Repost : 12/31/2017 A New Year Already

Well, it’s the end of 2017 and I don’t want it to end!! We are just a few hours away and I can’t make the time stop.  Oh I know how silly it must sound BUT even if it was only for 8 days we were together in 2017.  I just don’t want to enter a year without him!! My heart aches tonight!!  It aches for my kids!  

While others excitedly are counting down to a new year, to new beginnings, to new starts (and  they should be)...the reality is I have my spiritual heels in the ground!!!  I am  hanging on to the minute hand wishing I could slow it down!!  

But... I Worship...I bow my knee to God’s will again! We must move forward because that is what He has called this family to do.  JESUS has called us to move forward with purpose and hope. To move in Him and with Him.  We have followed Him through the wilderness this year. We have seen Him with us in the wilderness!!  He has been so faithful.  He has met every need.  He has a comfort we can’t explain.  We have been amazed and humbled by the call He has on us.  

So as the clock strikes 12 tonight I will cling to the heart of God and trust that I am not almost a year farther away from my sweet Wade BUT I AM YEAR CLOSER TO HIM!!  

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