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Nothing Would Be Wasted

The night my sweet husband, Wade, went to heaven, I crumbled to the floor of my bedroom, tears streaming down my face in a force I had never felt before. I never knew a broken heart could be so physically painful!! My prayers have never been so real, my fear tangible and darkness standing at the door ready to pounce, if I would let it. A choice I would have to make. What would I choose?

How could I trust God now? What had we done to deserve this? How would my children deal with such loss? How would I raise them with out him. HE was the strong one!! I can’t do this, I sobbed! But God...

God in His gentle way, sent the Spirit to speak. Comfort entered the room and the darkness had to retreat. It couldn’t stay. I heard the Father say, “I am here. “. It still felt empty. “I am here.” He repeated. I whispered , “ I am here, too. God my heart is shattered what do I do?” He whispered, “ Trust Me.” I paused. Swallowed and in faith said, “I do....I will.” God promised me through my tears, that He would never leave me. He would walk me through this “valley of darkness” and He did and still does. He promised He would not waste one tear or one pain my heart felt. He promised He would use it all for His kingdom and He has.

If you need to know, please hear me. No matter what the circumstance is God IS faithful. No matter how you feel, God IS faithful. I promise He will come through. Don’t let the darkness win. You have a Him and hold tight. #stillmissinghim #griefismessy #godisfaithful #thestormwillpass #heavenisreal #hispromisesareyesandamen

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