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Make His Name Famous

BLOG POST: this morning as I sipped on my coffee I remembered the many times that Wade would put our children on his big shoulders! They would squeal with laughter as he would raise them up! He loved it and they loved it! Sometimes he would lean back —on purpose, and they would frantically grab his hair to steady themselves, but he always had them securely on his shoulders holding both legs, there was no chance that they would fall. But they didn’t know that so they grabbed his hair and they would all laugh!! The children would also be so excited that they could touch a ceiling or the top of the door post! They would proclaim, “Mommy, look at me... I am touching the ceiling!” They would take all the credit, yet dad was the one who was standing the tallest. If it weren’t for him they would be nowhere near that ceiling, but Wade would never tell them that. He would let them take all the credit! Don’t you think that we are the same way! We ride on God shoulders throughout life! We, just like my children, forget that God has us and frantically grab for security when God has his arms securely wrapped around us! We also take credit for so much that is not ours to take! He’s the one who provides all good things for us! But just like Wade, God just smiles at us!! He loves us, and knows that we are growing! That as we grow we will give Him more and more glory for the things that He does for us! God has big shoulders and He’s carrying you through life! This morning’s blog is just to remind you that He has you, relax and enjoy the ride! And as you mature, give Him the credit He is due, Let your life make him famous! #blogger #blogger #consumedbythecall #francineivey #vloggers #discipleship #christian #jesuschrist #bible