Repost : 12/31/2017 A New Year Already

Well, it’s the end of 2017 and I don’t want it to end!! We are just a few hours away and I can’t make the time stop.  Oh I know how silly it must sound BUT even if it was only for 8 days we were together in 2017.  I just don’t want to enter a year without him!! My heart aches tonight!!  It aches for my kids! While others excitedly are counting down to a new year, to new beginnings, to new starts (and  they should be)...the reality is I have my spiritual heels in the ground!!!

Make His Name Famous

BLOG POST: this morning as I sipped on my coffee I remembered the many times that Wade would put our children on his big shoulders! They would squeal with laughter as he would raise them up! He loved it and they loved it! Sometimes he would lean back —on purpose, and they would frantically grab his hair to steady themselves, but he always had them securely on his shoulders holding both legs, there was no chance that they would fall. But they didn’t know that so they grabbed h

Can You See my Attitude?

Can you see my attitude?? Yes I have one this afternoon!! I think I need to crawl back into bed and roll out on the other side!!! Anyone else ever feel this way??? So these are the “deets”(it’s a hip way to say details, for those who are like me and didn’t know LOL) so I have been called by God to share some of my parenting struggles, hacks, thoughts and stories. God has actually been calling me for a while to do so but I have been fighting it! Why?!? Because every time

A New Heart

Inside of every broken event in our life is a choice. A choice to harden or a choice of surrender. How do you navigate disappointment, tragedy, loss? When we lost Wade that night in January, the kids and I were devastated. I will never forget the moment the police officer told me he was gone. It was like a lightning bolt went through me. Standing in the parking lot of a church, red and blue lights flashing, the cold air beating against my face and my whole world shatter

Sadness is Sneaky.

Sadness always seems to catch me off guard. Tonight, I dropped by the grocery store on the way home after co-teaching a group with my friend, Pastor @stephkels at Gateway Church SLK. I was just passing through an aisle when I saw it!! Anniversary Cards. 💔. Wade would always get me the sweetest cards. They were always well thought through with lots of underlines and a personal note. He would have it sitting out waiting on me to notice it and it was always signed, “All I’ve