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Can You See my Attitude?

Can you see my attitude?? Yes I have one this afternoon!! I think I need to crawl back into bed and roll out on the other side!!! Anyone else ever feel this way??? So these are the “deets”(it’s a hip way to say details, for those who are like me and didn’t know LOL) so I have been called by God to share some of my parenting struggles, hacks, thoughts and stories. God has actually been calling me for a while to do so but I have been fighting it! Why?!? Because every time you answer a call of God, Satan hates that and tries to mess with you! So this morning, my amazing, wise, incredible, Jesus loving kids were...arguing and fussing with each other and an attitude. Why am I sharing this because I want you to know that you can answer God’s call and not have it all together! I want to make myself clear...the truth is...the Ivey family is not perfect. Our house gets dirty, we get irritated at one another, we worry and stress about finances and bills, I forget to put the meat out for dinner and we have to run and get take out that we can’t afford and I feel like a failure sometimes as a mom! But the great news is...God doesn’t call the qualified He calls the willing, He calls the messy. He didn’t call the Bible scholars to be His disciples, He called fishermen! I pray this encourages you to do what God called you to do! Don’t wait till you have it all together! Just go on and ... do it!! #consumedbythecall #francineivey #blog #blogger #mommyblogger #jesus

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